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The Mums Of Others: The New York Stasi Is In The Toilet

by | 27th, December 2008

IN New York, one mother is looking for a school for her daughter.

In the quest to find the perfect middle school for her 10-year-old daughter, Aimée Margolis has zig-zagged across Manhattan for 11 school visits, grilled pre-teenagers at a school fair on music classes and the preferred attire at dances, and compiled a dog-eared folder full of notes.

With such diligence why not home teach the little love? And then you can drill spyhole in the bathroom and keep awatch all day:

Then there is the bathroom test.

After a 90-minute tour of the Clinton School for Writers and Artists in Chelsea, Ms. Margolis casually slipped away for what appeared to be a quick pit stop. She carefully occupied a stall, waited for a cluster of students to walk in, and listened.

Ker-splosh! Maybe pass the time by writing some grafitti about a rival child, something about them being ugly and stoopid, or the damning: “Judy’s mum will not take an active role in the PTA and soccer school.”

And does Gary Glitter have any sons or daughters? What about Chuck Berry? Larry Craig? George Michael? The toilet cubicle could get crowded.

“It gives you a glimpse behind the scenes,” Ms. Margolis explained of her sub rosa research. “At the tour everybody’s ready for you, everybody has a happy face. They say what they want to say, and you hear what they want you to hear.”

It’s good to know that in the Land for the free, there are people who enjoying spying to ensure their progeny get ahead.

The Stasi was never decommissioned, just relocated. And, yes, that does go on your permanent record…

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