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Scare Stories: How To Kill Your Dog With A Stick

by | 27th, December 2008

DAN Brockman is professor of small animal surgery at the Royal Veterinary College. Says he:

“When I see people throwing sticks for their dogs in the park I just get so frustrated. I want to go and tell them to stop.”

But the dog might take offence…

His new study, co-authored with Zoe Halfacree, a fellow small-animal expert at the college, will detail some of the injuries suffered by pets when a game of fetch goes wrong. They include:

— Dogs left paralysed after being stabbed in the back of the throat by a stick that then enters the spinal cord.

— Animals left with serious internal injuries when a spinning stick jams between the foreleg and chest as they try to catch it on the move.

— Dogs who suffer a slow death as infection spreads from tiny fragments of wood left lodged in a wound.

What to throw? A baby? A smaller dog? A bone? No… a ball:

“You must make sure the size of ball is right for the dog.”


“I have had to operate on dogs that have swallowed tennis balls too.”

Change ends…


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