Anorak News | Thailand’s Scorpion Queen Rejects Jodie Marsh

Thailand’s Scorpion Queen Rejects Jodie Marsh

by | 29th, December 2008

KANCHANA Kaetkaew is The Scorpion Queen of Thailand.

Kanchana now holds the Guinness World Record for holding a poisonous scorpion in her mouth for over two minutes.

Once again this is a record that begs to be beaten. But we in the UK laugh at such danger.

Here’ a shot of Jodie Marsh on a night out celbrating her body’s 30th birthday (average age of assorted parts). Would any Thai, regal or otherise, put their mouth on her? Not for all the ping-pong balls in Bangkok?

In Blighty, we queue up for the challenge.

As he says, “For her next trick, Kancha will live in a glass box with 5,000 scorpions for 33 days.”

Ms Marsh has room to spare…

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