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Israel’s Zio-Nazis And Palestinian Jews

by | 30th, December 2008

GRIM stuff from Israel and the Gaza Strip. This is war. And war is never pretty. Hamas is the underdog, and the world likes those. When Israel was weak in 1967, it was cheered. Now Israel is the stronger side and tolerance will be tested.

The killing must stop. But do both sides want it to?

Israel must know that none of its operations have brought about peace, nor stopped attacks on it lands and peoples. And the Palestinians and their sponsors must realise that acts of extreme provocation create only casualties, many innocent.

The Jerusalem Post’s Khaled Abu Toameh wrote of a leaflet dropped by Hamas’s armed wing, Izzadin Kassam:

Boasting that it had fired dozens of rockets and mortars at Israeli towns in the past few days, the group pointed out that Israel was “hopeless and desperate” because it doesn’t know what to do to stop the attacks.

“The enemy is in a state of confusion and doesn’t know what to do,” the leaflet read. “Their fragile cabinet has met in a desperate attempt to stop the rockets while thousands of settlers have found refuge in shelters which, by God’s will, will become their permanent homes.”

And most of us only see the war through the media filter. And what does that tell us?

SKY: Hamas Condemns Gaza ‘Massacre’

Or: Hamas condemsn massacre – for not killing enough children and being too targeted on it’s infrastructure and fighters?

This news comes with a picture, the by now familiar shot of a dead or injured child being carried by a man. Does anyone in their right mind, with no vested interest believe the Israelis deliberately target children? What is the purpose of the image?

A spokesman from the Israeli embassy in London tells Sky News:

“They have enough time to evacuate civilians from those places but they don’t do it. They didn’t do it on purpose because they want Israel to cause them civilian casualties.”

The Egyptians agree. But Hamas wants more blood to be spilt.

Khaled Meshaal called for Palestinians to wage a new intifada – or uprising – against Israel. In an interview on Al Jazeera television, he said: “We have called for a military intifada against the enemy. Resistance will continue through suicide missions.”

He a bit like one of those First World War Generals directing the lads into certain death with a point of his stick and God on his side.

And who are his chosen martyrs? This guy on the left?

And what of the images chosen, and often provided by Hamas?

The Times leads with images of two children throwing stones before a wall of fire. They could be Israelis. But we are now familiar with the polemic, and know them to be two pre-pubescent Palestinian children egged on by their parents and guardians.

The stones look pathetic, but when backed up rockets and Iran’s money, they take on a new menace. Using children as soldiers is sick.

Same picure on the Telegraph’s cover.

But it is the Guardian which really nails it colours to the mast, leading with the image of a dead girl being held aloft by a bearded man. The girl’s head is exposed. Her body is wrapped in a flag. The child’s body becomes a political tool.

Mick Hume wonders:

To make sense of a conflict in which both sides claim to be victims requires more than an emotional response to gory pictures. I support the Palestinian right to self-determination. But I am disturbed by the rise of anti-Israeli sentiments in Britain and the West, as when my old friends on the Left declared: “We are all Hezbollah now.”

Indeed. Dislike of the Jews is never far removed from many people’s view on Israel:

“The Israelis I met bear no comparison with the caricature of expansionist “Zio-Nazis”. “

Nazis. In London, protestors carried signs lamenting the “Holocaust” in Gaza.

It’s is not. This is the language of total war, undo the enemy and pervert their darkest hours into your own suffering.The Palestinians are the Jews of Europe?Hamas wants to woo the West. So what about this?

Both Iran and its Hamas proxy in Gaza have been busy this Christmas week showing Christendom just what they think of it. But no one seems to have noticed.

On Tuesday, Hamas legislators marked the Christmas season by passing a Shari’a criminal code for the Palestinian Authority. Among other things, it legalizes crucifixion.

Hamas’s endorsement of nailing enemies of Islam to crosses came at the same time it renewed its jihad.

And the world reacts how? How do you react?

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