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Madeleine McCann: Gerry McCann Returns, Paedos And Yorkshire Ripper

by | 14th, January 2009

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Gerry McCann flew back to Portugal yesterday in the hope of reviving the hunt for missing daughter Madeleine.

Madeleine McCann.

Says Gezza…

“We have discussed what can be done in the ongoing search for Madeleine. Obviously we think there’s a very good chance she is still out here and can be found so we want the search to go on. There have been potential sightings. Like any parent of a missing child, if information comes through we would hope that that is followed up. But the purpose of the visit is to work out what can still be done. We want to be positive and look forward. We want to find our daughter. This is the first visit but I expect it will be the first of several over the next few months.”


“PUSH” becomes “PLEAD”. Does changing one word in thee headline help traffic on the web?

BRISBANE TIMES: “Maddie’s dad resumes search in Portugal”

Their Maddie.

THE SUN: “Gerry McCann back in Portugal”

AN elite team of ex-cops and secret agents are spearheading a new hunt for Madeleine McCann. The veteran investigators have been hired by missing Maddie’s desperate parents Gerry and Kate.

Gerry is not alone:

The 12 crack former Scotland Yard detectives and MI5 and MI6 agents have been secretly on the ground in Portugal for weeks chasing any new leads which may help to find her…

Shhhhh! It’s a secret!

They are also using a HOLMES type computer software system to index the information. The Home Office Large Enquiry System was developed after the Yorkshire Ripper investigation and is still regarded as the most advanced in the world.

And the Ripper was caught by a combination of luck and police on the beat

Any clues?

The team is carrying out background checks on possible suspects, including their movements before and after Maddie went missing. A list of paedophiles in the area is also being analysed.

Because no-one has done that before?

DAILY MAIL: “Father of Madeleine McCann returns to Portugal to rekindle search for missing daughter”

Mr McCann confirmed he had no plans mount legal action against the Portuguese media or the police who named the distraught couple as ‘arguidos’ or formal suspects in the investigation in September 2007 before clearing them last July.

He said: “I want to make it clear that what happened in the past stays there, and we really want to focus on what can be done to continue the search. That is our priority and always has been.”

Any inside news?

Mr McCann said he was unaware of how much money remained in the Find Madeleine Fund but admitted his family had “ccarce resources and did not want to waste them”.

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “Madeleine McCann’s father Gerry McCann has flown back to Portugal for the first time since returning to the UK.”

Says Clarence Mitchell:

“I can confirm that Gerry McCann returned to Portugal for a brief visit to meet his lawyers to see what more can be done to help find his daughter.”

Madeleine McCann had been missing but now she is returned.

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