Anorak News | YouTube mutes videos And Kills Rick Astley

YouTube mutes videos And Kills Rick Astley

by | 15th, January 2009

FIRST YouTube came for the copyrighted videos, wherein YouTubists pretend they’re Channel 4 executives and import someone else’s work and slap their logo on it.

Now YouTube is removing copyrighted audio. Rickrolling is dead. Says the cold corporate message:

This video contains an audio track that has not been authorised by all copyright holders. The audio has been disabled.

Disabled. Legs chopped off. Tongue pulled out. Brutal. Possibly discriminatory.

If you’ve spent all day overlaying Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday on your video of a dog frotting a tennis raquet then it was for nought.

But you can, of course, play the song yourself on your synthesiser or recorder.

The future of YouTube now resembles an amateur video shot in the Lloyd Webber Bar of the Holiday Inn, as the band plays Bermuda Triangle and you wait for sweet death or the torpor to be broken by a pimply youth popping a Mentos into a glass of coke and an underdeveloped middle-aged man telling you to “use the force”…

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