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Will Smith Changes Barack Obama’s World

by | 16th, January 2009

WILL Smith will “play” Barack Obama in a film not-yet-to-be-made of the not-yet-in-power US President.
Smith will play Barack Obama “in a movie about his rise to become US President and America’s first black leader”.

So says Tim Walker, is his Mandrake column.

Says Smith:

“If I am ordered by my commander in chief to star in a film about him, I will do my duty as an American.”

What if Obama, say, gets shot? Would Smith play Obama for real?

“If we were in the White House I don’t know if that would exactly be a good thing. The Obamas are much more prepared to be in the White House than the Smiths.”

Adding that the “world had changed forever” with the election of Barack Obama.

It sure has. Already we seen:

No more global warming.

No more Arab-Israeli wars.

No more anti-American protests.

No more celebrity politicians

No more sleaze.

But no worry because Obama is here. And he’s along a spare – who happens to be the only black actor in America…

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