Anorak News | Egyptian Doctors Lashed 3,200 Times By Saudi Arabian Law Enforcers

Egyptian Doctors Lashed 3,200 Times By Saudi Arabian Law Enforcers

by | 16th, January 2009

ANORAK will be journeying to Arabic climes soon, and has been boning up on things to look out for. They

Two Egyptian doctors, Raouf Amin al-Arabi and Shawqi Abd Rabbuh, have been sentenced in Saudi Arabia to, respectively, 15 and 20 years in prison, and 1,500 and 1,700 lashes. While Amnesty International does not have information on the exact formulation of the charges on which they were convicted, the doctors were alleged to have facilitated the addiction of an unnamed Saudi Arabian patient to morphine after prescribing the medicine for her pain relief following an accident.

That’s the kind of medical liability insurance Anorak can deal with. Sod suing them if if they prescribe iced smack for your bi-polarism and just feel better as they get whipped senseless by a care in the community operative.

The sentences were handed down to Raouf Amin al-Arabi, aged 52, and Shawqi Abd Rabbuh by a court in Jeddah over a year ago. However, very little information has been made public about their case, and they are believed to have been convicted and sentenced following an unfair trial.

1,700 lashes sounds a lot, but spaced over 20 years is not too bad.  Indeed, the lad you gets 1,500 lashes for 15 years might be worst off.

Wonder what they give them for the pain?

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