Anorak News | Gordon Brown Approves Two-For-One Cashpoint Offer

Gordon Brown Approves Two-For-One Cashpoint Offer

by | 17th, January 2009

TO the Welshpool branch of Sainsbury’s at speed as new reaches us of the cash machine giveaway. Key in £100 and receive £200. It’s the two-for-one offer you can really understand.

And the best bit is that the receipt was always for the lower amount.

On to Stretford, Manchester, where a Nationwide cashpoint is paying customers double your money.

Says Gordon Brown:

“Any way in which we can encourage banks to get into good debt and customers to spend spend spend is the way ahead. I have myself this morning keyed in a request for £350million at my cash machine and hope to be paid out the full £700million we need to get the economy on its feet and create new jobs in the public sector.”

Nationwide is not yet owned by the taxpayer…

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