Anorak News | Kenneth Clarke Is Cameron’s Golden Legacy Of Brown Past

Kenneth Clarke Is Cameron’s Golden Legacy Of Brown Past

by | 19th, January 2009

KENNETH Clarke is back on the Tory front line. He is now an ally of David Cameron. Of course, they have always been bezzy mates, as Richard North notes:

It is entirely up to Mr Cameron to decide whom he wants in his shadow cabinet. And if he decides to choose a loyal, hard-working, thoroughly objective and clear-headed back-bencher, then who are we to argue?

Somebody with his finger on the pulse, who is so trustworthy, who is so in tune with Conservative policy, who has such superb judgement and is so dedicated to the cause yet is so emollient, can only be an asset to Mr Cameron’s Party.

Knowing how much he has supported Mr Cameron in the past, and how supportive he has been to the Conservative cause, this towering figure is just the man to help sweep the Conservatives to victory at the next general election.

Of course Clark is back not to boost Cameron but to get Brown.

Brown is Labour’s weakest link. The Tory in-fighting can begin in earnest should they win the election.

Says Clarke:

Some may raise questions about my views on Europe. They are well-known. But I accept that the Party has come to a settled view on European matters, and I will not oppose the direction David will set on European policies in the future.”

No it hasn’t. And who knows what Cameron will do in the future?

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