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Ten Rules For Interviewing Tom Cruise

by | 20th, January 2009

ITALIAN organ LeiWeb is interviewing Tom Cruise. It lists what it is, allegedly, able and unable to say. The hack must:

  • Have seen his film Valkyrie
  • Have understood and enjoyed Valkryie
  • Read a letter that explaisn that Scientology has never been banned in Germany

Other things implicit:

  • Hacks must say Tom is taller in real life than he looks on camera
  • Must not mention Scientology unless it is in the above, letter
  • Tell him his hair makes him look younger
  • Ask if Suri is his little sister
  • He is not Jewish
  • Katie Holmes make him appear taller
  • He is not Dudley Moore’s love child

Tom Cruise is an actor.

It’s all a bit like Angelina Jolie, who supported press freedom, on her terms.

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