Anorak News | Britain Is Iceland-on-Thames, Says Kerry Katona

Britain Is Iceland-on-Thames, Says Kerry Katona

by | 20th, January 2009

WHO said:

“With the amount of red ink in the UK budget deficit next year, together with the amount of new liabilities the taxpayer is having to underwrite, we look like Iceland-on-Thames.

“The open question is whether we can get through this without a loan from the IMF.”

Will Hutton – Former editor-in-chief for The Observer

Peter Hitchens – Scowling Mail columnist

Kenneth Clarke – The hush puppy cometh

Alistair Darling – He who must be obeying

Olivier Blanchard – Chief economist at the International Monetary Fun

Kerry Katona – Face of Iceland


Will Hutton.

With friends like these, Gordon Brown is...

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