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Ten Alternative Barack Obama Slogans

by | 21st, January 2009
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Here Comes Bod
Bod was the ultimate everychild. Bod lived with his aunt Flo (white), and the darker skinned Farmer Barlemow. The postman – whose relationship with Bod was never established – was Asian. The Tao Of Bod is published as ‘Bod’s Way: The Meaning of Life’.

As If By Magic, The Shopkeeper Appeared

They call me Mr Benn, says Mr Benn in this updated version of the hit TV show. Mr Benn pops up in unlikely paces to save the day. Mr Benn resents being called the magical negro, preferring Benny or The Benster.

Hugh, Pugh, Barley, McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub
Trumpton introduced a young and impressionable Obama to the hardest working fire crew in Toy Town. The names are now working as CIA call signs for Obama’s allies in the former Axis of Evil .

Why Don’t You?
So goes the popular refrain to the hit children’s regional TV show. The answer was – always – to spend one’s time in active pursuits, such as making hedgehogs from cocktail sticks and baked potatoes and lots of colouring in,

On the Magic Round about, Zebedee was an almost human creature in a soldier’s uniform with a spring instead of feet. He frequently went “Boing!” and ended the day with the command “Time for bed.”
Time for bed will be played over Tannoys throughout the US at 11pm sharp, and 9pm on school nights in bid to curtail juvenile crime and encourage free love.

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