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The Top Eight Green Creatures Found In Food

by | 21st, January 2009

DO you like your salad with a little body? Well, you’re in luck as Anorak looks at frogs making their way into mainstream food.

The Prisoner

To a chopping board in Meole Brace, near Shrewsbury, where a four-inch lizard is set to become the family pet.

Says Paula Walsh:

“My daughter had been cutting the broccoli for lunch when she screamed, ‘Mum come quick, come quick – there’s something crawling in the broccoli’. I pulled gently and out he came.”

Tenko is now with his new family. And is sworn off broccoli. But Anorak got to thinking and we deliver to you the Top Ten Surprise Pets for peopel who like their salad with a little body. And frogs:
Caine’s Toad:

Caine Toad

Shocked Al Caine was hopping mad after this FROG jumped out of his Sainsbury’s salad.

Caine, as in Toad?

It company boss Al, 39, was about to munch the £1.69 Organic Watercress, Spinach and Rocket when the creature shot from his plate. He chased the green, 3/4-inch, speckle-bellied intruder and trapped it in a box.

Al, from Godalming, Surrey, said: “This salad was more organic than most!

Some say the salad was packed in Mexico.

Florette presented Vega Mayor salad as the kind of product that would be happily endorsed by animals with a desire to live long lives. “Sealed Gourmet Salads. You’ll forget about meat”.

I Saw A frog. Where? There, In My Salad…A Little Frog With Clogs On

A woman eating at a Burger King restaurant in the Netherlands found a live frog in her salad, the company confirmed Sunday.

“What’s happened is that one of our guests Thursday evening found a frog in her salad. She went to the manager and showed him the frog. He saw it was there and that’s a fact,” said spokeswoman Christine Frey.

A frog. There is no denying the frog.

Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad quoted the customer, identified as 23-year-old Astrid Roek, as saying “it was a big black thing, a frog or a toad.”

She said she found the amphibian while halfway through her meal at the Burger King restaurant at The Hague’s central train station.

“I stood up and screamed the place upside-down,” she told the paper.


We know that everybody sues everybody in the United States, but Holland is not like

Asda Be Joking

It’s not the sort of slimy surprise you want to find in a fresh salad. But this live frog was what greeted Kirsty McCloud as she tucked in to Italian leaves bought in a packet from Asda.

She spotted the 5cm marsh frog, usually found in mainland Europe, on a lettuce leaf as her fork was poised to spear it.

She took it to an animal santuary and Asda apologised for letting it ‘hitch a ride’ to its branch in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex.

C’est bon, n’est pas?

Hopping Mad

For instance, a few months ago (April 12, 2006) The Daily Telegraph in Australia reported a case:

A DEAD frog was an unwanted ingredient in a pre-mixed caesar salad a woman bought from a supermarket. Julie Lumber, who bought the salad from a Coles store in Brisbane at the weekend, said yesterday: ”I opened up the bag and the frog fell out on the side of the plate.

The Chernobyl Frog?

With Woolworths gone, so went with it the Mystery Tin. But in Russia the Tin lives on. And there’s an added lawyer of mystery. Forget the broken biscuits…

The tin was opened. And the daughter said: “Hey mommy, it’s not a fish!”.

Scotsman Eat Salad

Fraser Lenson-Wade bought the lettuce for 49p from Somerfield for his packed lunch.

He was stunned to find the two-inch long creature lurking among the leaves.

Scotsman with double-barrelled name eat salad!

Web designer Fraser, 29, said: “I bought the lettuce the day before and put it in the fridge without opening it.

“Next morning, I opened the bag to make a salad to take to work and this frog jumped out.

“I couldn’t believe it. Who knows how long it had been in the bag before I bought it and then it survived in the fridge.

“I called the frog Freddie, although I didn’t know whether he was actually a she. I put him in a Tupper-ware box with some water and lettuce, since that was one thing I knew he liked.

Frog Air

An airline passenger received a shock when she found a frog in her in-flight meal, New Zealand authorities say.

A dead frog?

The 4cm (1.6-inch) whistling tree frog had stowed away in a salad on a Qantas flight from Melbourne to Wellington.

Give us a tune, Kermit. Now that’s in-flight entertainment.

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