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Paedo ISPS Charge Extra For Paedophiles

by | 21st, January 2009

SAYS the Sun: “Cops have to BUY paedo info.”

What’s the going rate for paedo info, then? Just curious.

(Note to ISP: This is for research purposes.)

A TOP child sex abuse unit boss hit out today at internet firms who charge THOUSANDS of pounds for help hunting net pervs. Figures revealed today show the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) has spent more than £170,000 on gathering internet data since 2006….

Or to put it another way:

CEOP pays money to companies that spend money servicing their customers.

CEOP chief executive Jim Gamble said that having to pay such sums was “ridiculous”.

So CEOP will set up its own ISP. Anorak suggests calling it something benign and childlike, so as not to scare off pervs. Names like “Gary Glitter Appreciation Society” may well attract pervs and make their rounding up easier.

Says Gamble:

“The information that internet service providers hold is critically important to us,” he told the BBC. Mr Gamble said he had no objections to paying for information when investigating “ordinary” criminal activity. But he argued it was unacceptable when trying to prevent children being harmed through an online area operated by the ISPs.

Given that his vested interested is Child Exploitation and Online Protection (see title on door), one wonder what “ordinary” criminal activity constitutes, perhaps a bit of over the over-the-jumper frotting, slave labour or pixelating Suri Cruise’s face?

Nicholas Lansman, secretary general of the Internet Service Providers’ Association, counters:

ISPs charge a certain amount to recover their costs, this is not about them making money. Many companies don’t actually make those charges. There’s a whole lot of other work in terms of training police and finding more information that doesn’t get part of the equation in terms of those costs.”

And there it is. You need to pay for information. Or get it yourself. Or isn’t it worth paying to protect the kidz?


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