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Markos Kos Satirises America’s Left Wing

by | 22nd, January 2009

MARKOS “Kos” Moulitsas is addressing the Kosites on President Barack Obama’s inauguration:

Watching the celebration of America that is today’s inauguration festivities, one thing strikes–the difference between our version of patriotism and the Right’s.

Well, yes. For one thing the Right didn’t sabotage the parade to the US’s elected leader.

But go on:

For the Right, it’s jingoistic “USA! USA! WE’RE NUMBER ONE AND WILL KICK YOUR ASS!” It’s alway [sic] us versus someone else. It’s confrontational.

Whereas Obama will lead the world. Which – get this – is what colonialists once did. No?

Our version of patriotism is a celebration of what makes our nation great. It’s the diversity, our people, our communities. Rather than confrontational, it’s communitarian.

We don’t need to start wars and kick someone’s ass to feel proud to be American.

Get that, righties?

It’s not confrontation that makes Left wingers proud to be American, you gun-totin’, war-mongerin’, hate-filled scum!!!

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