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Katie Holmes Pregnant With Excitement

by | 23rd, January 2009

TOM Cruise, a guest on Jonathon’s Ross returned BBC TV show, is gazing up on Katie Holmes; and she is gazing upon him.

What can it mean?

The Star invites “body language experts” Rose Dennen and Professor Robert Edelmann to translate.


“The most fascinating picture is of Tom and Kate rubbing her stomach as is she is pregnant.”

Readers should know that Katie is pictured leaving London’s The Ivy eatery. An overindulgence cannot be ruled out, nor a peptic ulcer.

“The smiles are fake and so I expect is the pregnancy they are trying to get some attention for.”

No sooner has Rose introduced a bay into Katie’s tum-tum, then she has ripped it out. Body language reading is a hard game.

Dr Robert:

“Katie is gazing at Tom in awe. You see this exact look on little children’s faces.”

Do little children gaze at Tom Cruise in awe? Anorak puts it to the test and coerces Old Mr Anorak’s youngest, the powdered Tarquin, to consider a picture of the actor. He gazes. For hours. He is rapt. Although it may be his medication.

Dr Robert:

“She looks up at him as her leader.”

He’s channelling Suri. She who must be obeyed…


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