Anorak News | Hamas Celebrates Jermome Kerviel’s Going Long On Terror

Hamas Celebrates Jermome Kerviel’s Going Long On Terror

by | 23rd, January 2009

NEW reaches us that the Pealstianian woman seen celtating the deaths of so many in the 9/11 attack was an investor with Jermome Kerviel.

Kerviel is the workaholic (30 hours a semain!), anti-Anglo French hero French bankeur who perpetuated a huge fraud.

Kerviel is reclling how in the immediate aftermath of the 7/7 bombings on London he made £350,000.

“At first I celebrated like mad because I didn’t know about the bombs and thought the share price had fallen because London had been hit by a major power cut. I thought I’d hit the jackpot by short-selling Allianz stock, making a half-a-million euro killing in a few minutes.”

Over in the Palestinian territories, a woman who does not want to be named says:

I’d gone long on the dollar falling and when I heard the news I was well chuffed. When I heard so many had died I quickly regretted that I hadn’t invested more in the defence sector and oil, which I knew – just f****g knew – would rocket. A miliosn deaths on my bokrer. May his body be flayed alive! Kerviel is a Jew, I heard.”

C’est la vie.

C’est la guerre.


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