Anorak News | Revealed: Katie Price Is Mrs Ahmadinejad

Revealed: Katie Price Is Mrs Ahmadinejad

by | 23rd, January 2009

“JORDAN’S a naughty schoolgirl,” says the Sun, which shows readers a picture of Katie Price and her slimmed down Jordans.

Readers will note that mature students dressing up as school girls turns men into pervs and paedos. We know this because the Sun and her sluttier sister organs have told us so:

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Shannon Matthews: Paul Donovan’s ‘Vile’ School Uniform Sex

So what if Schooly Jordan turn you into a slavering sex case? Readers in OK! may recall how Jordan told one and all:


Jordan seems to be auditioning for the role of the next Mrs Ahmadinejad.

Who would believe that beneath the black all–in-one Mrs Ahmadinejad hosts a massive pair of nukes and a huge strap-on phallus nicknamed “The Punisher”?

It’s what they don’t teach you in school, kids…

Mrs Ahmadinejhad’s Love Rivals

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