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Detroit Is The World’s First Green City

by | 23rd, January 2009

DETROIT is all set to become the modern world’s first green city. The Detroit blog tours the city’s north end:

Now it’s the realm of crickets and meadows, where besides the dope dealers, the hookers, and the walking dead ambling past empty fields, are regular but poor people who have to live surrounded by decay and misery, in a neighborhood most others are too scared to drive through, surrounded by grinding poverty and the dregs of society, the only world they know, utterly unaware that a normal, safe neighborhood once stood here but was wiped off the face of the earth.

It’s like Machu Picchu, but less hilly and with better air quality:

Some residential streets have become wholly overgrown with trees that grew untended for years and then died with the neighborhood, creating a spooky, tangled canopy of interlocking dead branches arching over the street. It’s as if they died en masse when everyone packed up and left. Nobody cuts them anymore, since there’s almost nobody on these streets to be bothered by them anymore.

Grrrrreat. Now if the car indutry can just be brought to it’s knees…


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