Anorak News | Silent Tribute For Still Living Footballer, And TV’s 100 Greatest Silences

Silent Tribute For Still Living Footballer, And TV’s 100 Greatest Silences

by | 24th, January 2009

PRAY silence for Tommy Farrer, star player for Bishop Auckland FC in the post Second World War Years and winner of 20 caps for England at amateur level, or Division 2, as it is now known.

Over 2,000 football fans are keeping the silence.

Club chairman Terry Jackson telephones Mr Farrer’s wife Gladys to offer the club’s condolences in difficult times.

Says Mrs Farrer:

“He will be back in a minute. He’s only popped out to get a paper.”

Says Mrs Farrer:

Mr Farrer:

“I’m very moved that they went to such trouble for me, I played for them a very long time ago. We are not upset, but we did think it was a bit of a joke at first.”

Anorak looks forward to the mobile phone footage arriving on YouTube and then on Channel 4 as one part of the 100 Best Silences Ever.

Nodding heads will evoke memories of great silences past.

Viewers will then vote on the favourite slice of all time, which will be played at the end of the show. This will be followed by The 100 Loudest Shhhhhhs.

You’ve Been Framed will feature a Silence Special, featuring home movie footage of impeccably observed silences and stills of those who broken prematurely:

* Joyce, of Hull, who dropped a casserole dish after 42 seconds of the Princess Diana silence

* Peter, of Basildon, who found the pressure of last night’s curry to much to hold in longer than 23 seconds of the 7/7 silence

* Paul Burrell recalling how the Queen mum tried to make him break the silence by tickling him under the arms and propositioning him during the Remebrance day Service, (1991)

* Lorraine Kelly asking GMTV viewers if silence is the new going out

In the future Anorak hopes all homes will be fitted with listening devices to check that national silences are adhered to.

Miscreants will have their tongues removes, be made to stand in the corner or shot in the throat (with a silencer, natch.)…

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