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Pope On Anal Rape And Holocaust Denial

by | 25th, January 2009

THE Pope was in the Hitler Youth – but only because he was obeying orders. Now Pope Benedict XVI has revoked the 1988 excommunication of four clerics who lead a breakaway ultra-traditionalist Catholic group – among them is British-born Holocaust denier Richard Williamson.

The world reacts to news that – shock of shocks – German head of Catholic church might not like Jews.

Adding that just because a young boy goes into a room with a priest and emerges hours later with his backside bleeding and a look of terror writ on his face does not offer ANY proof that anything untoward has goen on. We must look at the facts!


Last Wednesday, he told Swedish television he did not believe there were Nazi gas chamgers and that only 300,000 Jews died in concentration camps, instead of six million.

“There was not one Jew killed by the gas chambers. It was all lies, lies, lies!” he said…

Vatican chief spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said Williamson’s comments were “completely extraneous” to the lifting of the excommunications.

“(This act) has nothing to do with the personal opinions of a person, which are open to criticism, but are not pertinent to this decree,” he said.

But criticism was loud from many corners, even outside of Europe.

“For any Catholic clergy to embrace the anti-Semitic Holocaust denier is obscene,” said Abe Foxman, director of the Anti-Defamation League in the United States.

“It would be an insult to Catholic-Jewish relations and the memory of the millions of Jews who perished because they were Jews.”


“The reinstatement is an internal Church matter…[however] denial of the Holocaust not only insults the survivors, memory of the victims, and the Righteous Among the Nations who risked their lives to rescue Jews, it is a brutal attack on truth,” a statement released by Yad Vashem said.


Byrne seems obsessed with the deformed and decaying. She seeks to find beauty in disorder. The surface textures and patterns tell more about her characters and their lives.

Pope on Wheels, which gives new meaning to the Popemobile, presents a zaftig man (in ecumenical attire that looks more like a clown suit) sitting in a tobogganlike device. Large wagon wheels are attached directly to his hips, and his feet are crammed into the front of the vehicle — a rabbit’s head. Byrne has employed surrealism to deflate religious pomposity.


The Simon Wiesenthal Center denounced Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to remove the excommunication of four Bishops of the Society of Saint Pius X(SSPX)– one of whose leaders, British Bishop Richard Williamson publicly declared last week that no Jews were murdered in Nazi Gas Chambers and that only 300,000 Jews died in WWII.

“Just as the world joins together on January 27th to commemorate the extermination of 6 million Jews, the Vatican welcomes back into its ranks a Bishop who teaches that it never happened.

Or not:

Whatever his intention, the Pope’s decision to welcome back such a hater into the Church lends moral credence to deniers of history’s worst crime and contradicts of the teachings of Vatican II, which as then Monsignor Ratzinger, today’s Pope played so important a role, ” charged Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper, founder and dean and associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

In other news, bears have been found shitting in woods.

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