Anorak News | Chelsy Davy Vows To Chop Her Legs Off Unless Prince Harry Goes

Chelsy Davy Vows To Chop Her Legs Off Unless Prince Harry Goes

by | 26th, January 2009

PRINCE Harry Baseball Cap is back on the market.

In an update on the Facebook murder heartbreaker, Harry is said to be looking for a young “Paki” girl with a cracking sense of humour. Willing gels can apply c/o Anorak, Sotty Sweep Contest.

But what of Chelsy, Harry’s former lover?

The Sun says Chelsy has been spending time in Jabu Kirkland. Oops. Make that with Jabu Kirkland, who turns out to be a “CROC HUNTER”.

Says a source:

“Jabu is exactly the kind of guy we would have expected Chelsy to fall for, were it not for the fact she was dating a prince.”

Such are the facts.

The Sun’s Duncan Larcombe says Chelsy would “rather saw her legs off than marry into the Royals”.

Brandishing a saw, she told him that it was either him or the legs. Harry, a veteran of the war on the Tally-ban, may just have been thankful she wasn’t holding the serrated edge to her throat.

Larcombe goes on:

“I feel sorry for Chelsy because turning down a prince is a brave call few girls could make.”

Or boys.

Could you turn down Prince Edward? Andrew? Charles? Answers on a toilet roll to the usual address.

Over on the Telegraph’s cover, Chelsy is occupying front page centre.

Whatever happens in later life, Chelsy remains blonde, and she should take comfort in that.

Breaking news: It turns out that Jabu is not his real name – it’s Bradley.

Chelsy and Bradley. It has the makings of a beautiful romance – or an EastEnders plot…

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