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Nazis Take Over Road In Kansas

by | 26th, January 2009

THE Nazis built roads. Some were dead ends. But all Nazi roads efficient, straight and, well, straight. Now the wonder of German engineering is being evoked in Kansas.

A neo-Nazi group has joined the state’s “Adopt-A-Highway” volunteer litter pickup program.

The Springfield chapter of the National Socialist Movement has taken charges of a half-mile section of Highway 160 near the Springfield city limits.

Signs have been erected to the fact.

“It’s a First Amendment thing, and we can’t discriminate as long as they pick up the trash,” says Bob Edwards, a spokesman for the transportation department’s office in Springfield.

Trash may need redefining and is not thought to encompass Jews, Muslims, blacks, Wops and Maxists. But things can change.

Says Ariana Glass, a 16-year-old member of the youth division of the group:

“We wanted to prove that we’re not out here just to have fun, we want to make the community look good.”

Watch out for the traffic…

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