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Moonbat Bites Driver Of Non Hybrid Bus

by | 26th, January 2009

YOU are worried about the planet. Who eschew  car for a bus. You wait. And when the bus comes it is powered by petrol. Not a hybrid. You erupt:

“She came on the bus, and she said she waited more than an hour for a hybrid,” said MTA driver Peter Williams, 42. “I said, ‘I’m not in control of what bus is assigned to me.'”…

The woman, Shelia Bolar, 49, started hollering at Williams soon after she boarded the Broadway bus on the upper West Side.

When her rant was done, she she grabbed his arm.

“Miss, don’t touch me while I’m operating the bus,” Williams warned Bolar.

Polar. Bolar. Grrrr:

At W. 79th St., Williams let passengers off and gestured to a dispatcher he called for help.

“That’s when she bit me. … I couldn’t believe it.”

Bolar chomped through a jacket, a sweater and a thick shirt, causing a bruise and swelling but not breaking skin.

“She bit through all that,” said Williams, still shocked.

She was then arrested and demadned to be transported to the police station by sedan…


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