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My Life As A Victoria Beckham Look-alike

by | 27th, January 2009

ESTHER Adams is a Victoria Beckham look-alike.

The 31-year- old mother of two says people have called out “Imposhter” as she walks by.

Her two children, Lewis, 13, and Katie, 11, have been teased at school.

She tells Closer magazine:

“I’ve been tempted to call my agents and resign, but at the end of the day it’s such a great job.”

Which is what Saddam Hussein’s look-alikes once said. It’s all great when you look like someone people like and warm to, but when you resemble a dictator or a tyrant (you decide) things can be trying.

Out there is the woman who was so unsettled by her resemblance to Cherie Blair she partook of reconstructive surgery. She is now mistaken for Rosemary West.

Esther delves into her post bag. One email tells her:

“I knew she was starving herself to look like Posh, how sad. Does she not realise she looks hideous?”

Says Esther:

“One woman threw a lit cigarette at me and it bounced off my jacket.”

Mrs Adams is not married to a Day-vid clone, rather to Brett – “He thinks I’m prettier.”

One imagines such a debate is a bit like which is the Posher, Vicky or Geri Halliwell or if a rhino would make a better cyclist than an ostrich.

Meanwhile, Day-vid is in Milan, passing himself off as a local, innit, and Her Poshness is landing in LA, or coming back down to earth, as her critics might say…

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