Anorak News | Robinho Sex Case: Soccer Ace Gets His Own Chant, Kaka Jealous

Robinho Sex Case: Soccer Ace Gets His Own Chant, Kaka Jealous

by | 28th, January 2009

WELCOME to British football, Robinho, Manchester City’s Brazilian blade.

It’s not all goals and money. It’s about drinking, mobile phone footage and sex cases, like the one the Mirror brings the world via its front page:


The quiz is not “Why have you never been embroiled in a nightclub sex attack?” but “Was it you?”

Screams the Sun:


Can it be that Robinho now has his own chant, at last – “Sex case, sex case, hang him, hang him, hang him him”?

And has sex assault become rape? And will Kaka now reconsider snubbing Manchester City?

As the player’s spokesman says, Robinho denies “the allegation of wrongdoing or criminality and is happy to co-operate with the police is required”.

Indeed. Nothing proven. Robinho is wilfully helping the police. An accusation is just that. Robinho remains innocent.

And what of the investigation? The Mirror has all the facts:
1. The girl claims to have been in the VIP section of a Leeds nightclub
2. Robinho’s real name is Robson de Souza
3. Robinho has a son called Robson junior
4. Robinho may make up in fast feet what he lacks in imagination
5. Robino earns £165,000 a week.

And, er, that’s it…

And as the BBC reports:

“Britain’s most expensive football has been arrested…”

What a professional. Now I he can be accused of fighting and drink driving, Robinho can truly say he is one of the lads…

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