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Jonathan Ross Is Well-Hung, Badly Drawn And Three-Quartered

by | 29th, January 2009

JONATHAN Ross – “Smug Ross” – has been “hit by 25% pay cut”.

Or, to paraphrase the man: “His wages have been circumcised.”

Ross is quarter less the man he as, reports the Mail. He is 25% less funny (is that possible, Mail readers?), 25% less likeable (???) and there are 25% less reasons to lament his BBC wage (!).

And he will now shag (fag packet out; pencil nib licked….) 60-year-olds on garden swings (!o!).

Reading on, readers discover that Ross will lose £4.5million over three years. Although, he will only lose the money if he signs a new contract for the BBC on a £18million three-year-deal, like his current contract.

It’s clear to the Mail that Ross is a complete loser. And, incidentally, so are Terry Wogan, Chris Moyles, Graham Norton and all other BBC radio and TV stars on £100,000 a year or more.

On big winner, however, is Steve Wright, the BBC Radio 2 DJ. He’s “Steve Weight”. The Mail says he’s fatter than Ross’s grin.

The Mail costs 50p a day, which is fatter than Anorak, which is free…

Give it up the Daily Mail

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