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Top 10 Super Bowl ads

by | 29th, January 2009

WITH the Super Bowl taking place this weekend (Pittsburgh Steelers v Arizona Cardinals, if you’re interested), the Anorak sports desk thought it would be timely to feature ten of the best halftime commercials – companies pay huge sums of cash to make and screen one-off ads during the event, and the extra effort shows…

10. Apple – 1984
Shown in 1984, funnily enough. Apple has come a long way since then.

9. Budweiser – Frogs
A stone-cold classic.

8. Xerox – Monks
Because photocopying can be fun. Two pages per second!

7. McDonalds – Jordan v Bird
Two of the greatest basketball players of all time go at it to win a Big Mac and fries. We presume Ronald McDonald knew this advert went out during an American football game?

6. E*Trade – Monkey
More sophisticated than it looks – and costly.

5. EDS – Herding cats
Don’t let anyone tell you herding cats is easy. Shame about the clunky message at the end.

4. Reebok – Terry Tate, office linebacker
You don’t borrow Terry Tate’s stapler without asking first.

3. Nissan Maxima – Pigeons
Top Gun, done with winged rats.

2. – When I grow up
A memorable twist on the nature of ambition in modern America.

1. Coca Cola – Mean Joe Greene
As sugary sweet (and American) as Coke itself. Sniff.

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