Anorak News | Pope Benedict Apppoints Gay Hater For Hitler City

Pope Benedict Apppoints Gay Hater For Hitler City

by | 1st, February 2009

POPE Benedict XVI is on a roll. Having embraced Holocaust deniers, the former Hitler Youth marcher is all set to make Rev. Gerhard Maria Wagner auxiliary bishop in Linz.

Linz is the Austrian idyll where Adolf Hitler was born.

Wagner is the pastor who said Hurricane Katrina was divine punishment for New Orleans being a haven for homosexuals, deviant sex, sex with donkeys in rubber mask and lots of spanking, alvays der spanking – or so he’d heard. It was, said he, “divine retribution”.

Linz is a clean and decent place, where men are shiny and sober, women virginal and strapping – where old men dandle the kinder on their aged knees and recall those halcyon days of mass extermination, rape camps and other good clean fun…


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