Anorak News | Lions, Rotary And Other Crusader Clubs That Are A Threat To Islam

Lions, Rotary And Other Crusader Clubs That Are A Threat To Islam

by | 2nd, February 2009

NOT long passes between a stoy that a minor Islamist says such-and-such is an affront to Islam. The media loves it. And headlines swiftly follow about how sherbet dip-dabs are against Sharia law.

Today AFP reports:

Indonesian Islamic hardliners have called for a ban on international organisations the Rotary Club and the Lions Club, saying they are part of a Zionist conspiracy, reports said today.

The People’s Ulema Forum (FUU) said the clubs were “infidel’’ fronts for Freemasonry …

Old Mr Anorak says that his Rotary Club is a club for all the creeds and races and if a Jewish money lender wants to set up shop in his locale and sell stolen handkerchiefs and the blood of blonde babies then he will be welcome so long as his braces are snappy and the turn ups on his plus fours sharper than a foreskin snipper. Hindus are alos welcome, soo too their bovine wives.

In the Sun Middlesex Crusaders will play one-day cricket next season as The Panthers.

County chiefs acted after members of the Muslim and Jewish communities protested about the name, feeling it was a reference to the religion-driven military wars waged by Christian Europe against other faiths.

But the move has been branded “batty” by members of Middlesex.

An insider said: “The world really has gone mad. We’ve been known as the Crusaders for nearly ten years.

No names given of any of those who’ve complained, just their religion. Which just shows how far we’ve come…

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