Anorak News | Terrorists Get Submarine In Sri Lankan Jungle

Terrorists Get Submarine In Sri Lankan Jungle

by | 2nd, February 2009

TO Sri Lanka, where the Government troops in Tamil rebel-held areas in northern Sri Lanka have found a submarine.

The operation also discovered three more smaller underwater vehicles still under construction. The biggest sub is about 35 feet long and armour- plated, officials said.

“This was the most startling recovery made by troops so far during the ongoing counter-terrorist operations against the The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam”, the defence ministry said.

“With this discovery the LTTE will go down in the history as the first terrorist organization to develop underwater weapons“, the ministry added.

Anorak means to cast no aspersions on the technology, but would you get in a homemade submarine, one tested in the jungle?

Al Qaeda have, of course, mainitained a submarine for many years in the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains.

Says their chief engineer:

“I have seen the Met Office’s weather warning, and Mr Gore – the one the Bushites tried to hang in Chad –  and the ice caps are melting. We are prepared. We just need two more goats.”

It’s snowing…

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