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Five Facts About Tinkerbell The Speaking Clock

by | 2nd, February 2009

For three months, all callers to 123 will learn the time from the fairy, with bells  replacing the usual time pips.A CALL to BT’s speaking clock. And is answered by Tinkerbell.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Tinkerbell

* Tinkerbell is voiced by actress Mae Whitman, who can also do impressions of Kermit launching the Space Shuttle, Miss Piggy in a lift and a man drowning in a sea of cement

* Tinkerbell’s pixie dust has been banned by the US drugs and food adminstration. Children are advised to wear a mask and gloves and if they see Tinkerbelltoc all the poplice immediately

* Tinkerbell’s lithe frame is a constant source of worry. “I eat like a horse,” says she. “But I can’t put on weight. Wendy is sooo lucky be be a size 18. If only…”

* Tinkerbell is not American, but Canadian

* Tinkerbell suffers from depression brought on by her addictive personality and is uanmbel to drink more than fifteen glasses of sambucca without regret.

At the third stroke it will be…

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