Anorak News | Shoe Thrown At China’s Wen Jiabao (Video)

Shoe Thrown At China’s Wen Jiabao (Video)

by | 2nd, February 2009

THE shoe as a weapon. The shoe as protest. The shoe as thrown at China’s Prime Minister Wen Jiabao as   he speaks at Cambridge University:

FOX News reports:

The protester seated near the back of the auditorium stood up during Wen’s speech and shouted: “How can you listen to this unchallenged?” before throwing the shoe that landed some distance from the premier. Wen was unhurt and police arrested the man.

Culture Me: In China throwing shoe is a sign of good fortune.

“One man has been arrested on suspicion of a public order offense after a shoe was thrown in the direction of the premier, and he is being taken to a Cambridgeshire police station for questioning,” said police spokeswoman Shelly Spratt.

One of Wen’s aides quietly stepped on the stage and picked up the shoe. The shoe was a gray athletic shoe, a toxic comment on the Beijing Games, no doubt.

As a result, shoe throwing will become an Olympic event. And so long as the shoe tosser can remain seated throughout the event – and so give the UK a chance of gold at another sitting down sport – we should rejoice.

Culture Me: In China the average shoe size is a 3.

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