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Amy Winehouse In Drugs Island, For The Record

by | 3rd, February 2009

AMY Winehouse is on the move. The Sun says Amy is going to Jamaica – “Isle of Druggies”.

The paper says it’s a change of scenery, as Amy swaps the turquoise waters and bougainvillea of St Lucia for a cracked ceiling in Kingston.

Culture Me: Jamaica is “The Caribbean island where illegal drugs are known to be widely available.”

How the Sun knows this, readers are not told. But having established the drugs fact, the paper then says Jamaica is “awash with drugs”. And we’re left with the impression that Jamaica is just a hotter version of Britain with more vests, and Amy Winehouse.

The Sun keeps the fact coming:

“And her record label will foot the bill for sessions which are likely to run into tens of thousands of pounds.”

No, no, no, not drugs sessions. Amy is as clean as Pete Doherty’s toilet bowl. These are recording sessions, in which the media will diligently record every toke on a cigarette and puff on a spliff Amy takes.

Having told of the drugs, the Sun then delivers the most incredibly line since, well, the last time the aforesaid Doherty had a go on her snooker table:

“Amy is set to return to London this month for admin duties – before flying back to the Caribbean.”

Admin is, of course, part of her drug aversion therapy, a modern twist on basket weaving and other pointless exercises – like Sun Winehouse exclusives…

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