Anorak News | Police Smash Giant Snowball As Youths Fight For England (Video)

Police Smash Giant Snowball As Youths Fight For England (Video)

by | 3rd, February 2009

IN North London’s Hornsey Journal, “TERRIFIED drivers were trapped in their cars as hordes of youths forced them to stop and pounded their cars with snowballs – smashing at least three windows.”

Maybe the enlightened youth blame the car scum for global warming?

Witnesses said at least one man was arrested as police were called to Alexandra Park this morning (Monday) to dozens of youths ganging up on slow-moving traffic in Alexandra Palace Way, surrounding them and throwing a barrage of snowballs.

Tensions escalated as some were thrown with such frightening force they smashed through the side windows of three cars.

Police were called and arrested one man, after their panda cars were also targeted.

Shocking stuff. Snowballs can be dangerous weapons in the wrong hands. Especially if they are wrapped around a stone. A stoneball.

But what if it was snow that the toughts used to break the toughened glass? Does this not hint at the possibility that among the chuckers lurks a future England cricket star?

Or do they get snow in South Africa?


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