Anorak News | Obama Watch: Obama’s Second, Third And Fourth Coming, And Bible Studies

Obama Watch: Obama’s Second, Third And Fourth Coming, And Bible Studies

by | 6th, February 2009

BARACK Obama Watch: Anorak’s look at the Cult of Obama…

“I was at the podium closest to the first family and the Bidens. I couldn’t looked over for very long. It’s like looking at the sun” – Laura Linney, Hollywood Reporter

“I am Mark Saggers and this is the first 5Live Sport of the Barack Obama presidency” – BBC

“Oh…Oh… Oh… Obama: New hope for the future of Orgasms! Rampant Rabbit Wave, exclusive to Ann Summers. ‘Yes we can believe in’ – Now £10 off” – Ann summers

As a Leo, President Obama’s high standards and complete professionalism won’t stand for being treated with contempt or ridicule, buy they are vey aware of other people’s need for dignity, so his relationship with Brown should be interesting as Brown, a Piscean on the cusp of Aries, has a tendency to be hot-tempered, impetuous and impatient” – Press Release, GanashSpeaks

“When Barack Obama steps out for his inauguration later tonight, a little piece of Australia will be on stage with him. His wife, Michelle, will be wearing an Australian-made daytime eye-shadow” – Today tonight, Australia

President, Larry Younginer knelt in front of the congregants at his suburban Atlanta church and offered a prayer of thanks.

“Lord, we have again come to you in prayer, and you have heard our cries from heaven, and you have sent us again from the state called Illinois, a man called Barack to heal our land. We pray that you will build a hedge around him that will protect him from those who would do him harm….”

[Lawrence Carter, dean of the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel:

“It is powerful and significant on a spiritual level that there is the emergence of Barack Obama 40 years after the passing of Dr. King. No one saw him coming, and Christians believe God comes at us from strange angles and places we don’t expect, like Jesus being born in a manger” – Chicago Tribune

“Oxford is playing a key role in a historical event today – as President–Elect Barack Obama takes an oath of office on a Bible published by Oxford University Press” – Oxford University press release

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