Anorak News | Race tracks guilty of noise pollution? Duh

Race tracks guilty of noise pollution? Duh

by | 6th, February 2009

Croft Circuit, a race track in Yorkshire, has been ordered to pay almost £1m in damages and legal fees after being found guilty of noise pollution.

The landmark ruling means other race tracks, such as Donington Park – the new venue for the British F1 Grand Prix – and Silverstone are also open to attack from local residents (pensioners and busybody Daily Telegraph readers, in other words) who can’t be bothered to put in ear plugs for a few hours every year.

Race tracks are noisy places? Really? REALLY? Wow, that’s a revelation. If occasional noise pisses you off, then don’t move into a house located near to a race track. Like, duh.

It took almost a century for people to realise that motor cars make noise, or what? Or could it have something to do with Britain’s increasingly litigious and bureaucratic culture? Hmm, could be.

The law’s an ass on this one.

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