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The First Facebook Divorce And Reactions To The Evil

by | 6th, February 2009

EMMA Brady, a 35 year old conference organiser from the UK. She has own teeth, decent hair, a computer and one not-so-careful owner.

He is Neil Brady, and he has posted on his FaceBook Wall his intention to divorce Emma. Screams the Mail:
Husband dumps his wife with online message in ‘world’s first divorce by Facebook’

Says she:

“The first I knew about it was when I received a phone call at work from my best friend, who lives in Denmark. She asked me if I was okay because of what Neil had put on Facebook – ‘Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady. I was shell-shocked. ‘I have had people who I haven’t spoken to for years contacting me asking what is going on.

“What upset me the most was not the fact that Neil had written he had ended his marriage, but the comment from a girl in Canada who said: ‘You are better off out of it’. It hurt me that he had been speaking to someone else about it.”

It’s all just terrible, a testament to the awfulness of modern life in technical maelstrom of hate and terror and horror and desperation and… and… and…

Neil Brady, who is now living with his mother, insists he had talked to his wife about separation. ‘I’d had enough of her’.

What a cad, eh. It’s not as if Mail readers would condone such, allegedly, dastardly behaviour. Here’s what they have to say:

What a classy bloke – Not! Well girls you’ve read it here stay away from this sociopath. Emma you deserve better good luck with the rest of your life – karen, Bolton

Not much of a looker is he!! She’s better off without him. He’s got no backbone- Angela, Leicester

There is always 3 sides to a story – his, her, and the truth. Facebook is evil – Simon, Manchester

Takes all sorts I guess. People use Facebook to tell their friends everything so I’m not surprised at this. He sounds a very jealous, needy and petty man. My ex was very jealous, needy and petty too. The irony was, he was the one who was having the affair. He left me and married his mistress. I found out from Facebook recently that his marriage has ended too! – Amanda, Leeds

At least now she can spend time with her friends who really love her and care about her, and rebuild her self esteem, and in the future perhaps find a nice guy who treats her with respect!! As for him, I hope the coward is lonely and miserable forever after treating his poor wife so repulsively, and that all women reading this know not to touch him with a pole!!! – Claire, Derry

Computers eh, – they really do attract the worst sort of people…
What a nasty piece of work that despicable ‘man’ is!! She’s worth a billion of that creep!

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