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Baby P: Sharon Shoesmith’s Torture And the Sun’s Grave Grab

by | 7th, February 2009

BABY P is dead. Baby P was tortured.

Baby P is in the media. The Sun made land grab for his resting place. The Sun demanded that Sharon Shoesmith, then head of children’s services at Haringey Council, be sacked. The Sun demanded that others be sacked. No time to learn from mistakes, to improve by experience. Just go.

The Sun wasnted to show it cared for the little kiddies by making professional child carers enemies of the state. Come see the Baby Porn.

Now Shoesmith tells her side of the story:

THE SUN: “Shoesmith blames everyone but self”

Mrs Shoesmith blamed politicians and The Sun’s hard-hitting campaign for turning “a local tragedy into a national catastrophe”.

How The Sun Might Cost Haringey Over Baby P

“As a mum,” say the mums… “As a dad,” say the dads…. “As a parent,” say the parents… “We have a unique understanding to the tragedy…” Wimmin understand.

The stern-faced mum admitted she and her officials had not been prepared to handle the massive surge of public anger.

As a mum…

A Prayer For Baby P’s Abusers

THE GUARDIAN (front page): “’Reckless’ minister has put children at risk – Shoemsith”

It’s an “Exclusive”

Speaking for the first time since her removal by Balls on live television in December, she claimed political opportunism and press hysteria had created “a local tragedy and a national catastrophe”.

Baby P sells paper: Three Baby Ps A Week, Every Week!

In a wide-ranging interview, the former Haringey children’s services director said she felt an inquiry ordered by Balls into child protection in the borough had been an attempt to “discredit” her. She said the report, carried out by Ofsted inspectors and used by Balls in support of his ¬decision to remove her, was misleading and lacked balance.

The baby alphabet.

She accused Balls directly of making the task of protecting children in Haringey more difficult. The consequences of his “reckless” attack on Haringey, said Shoesmith, would be to make it “more of an uphill struggle” to achieve his aim of raising the standing and status of the social work profession.

Baby P: Too Late For Ed Balls But Gordon Brown Can Still Save Him

DAILY MIRROR: “Baby P boss Sharon Shoesmith: I thought of suicide”

Sharon Shoesmith said she was driven to thoughts of suicide after a receiving a series of abusive anonymous calls.

The Baby P brand.

One man rang the former Director of Children’s Services at North London’s Haringey Council every morning at 5am with a different suggestion for how to kill herself.

Ms Shoesmith said: “You do consider how to stop it all. You can just walk off the end of the Tube platform and stop it all and I certainly did think about that on one occasion.

“There was certainly another occasion in the middle of the night when I gathered up all the paracetamol that existed in the house and there was nothing like enough.”

Baby P – Where were you?

DAILY MAIL: “’I felt like killing myself over Baby P scandal,’ admits sacked council chief”

The 55-year-old revealed the national outcry from the public over the toddler’s death and the media publicity that ensued made her suffer periods of uncontrollable shaking.

Baby P was the baby of hearts. A pet cause.

THE INDEPENDENT: “Baby P chief accuses Balls of ‘breathtaking recklessness’”

In a statement, Mr Balls said: “I make no apology for the actions I took in Haringey last December, which I judged absolutely necessary to make sure children in that borough are properly protected. Social workers do an incredibly difficult and sometimes dangerous job every day to keep children safe. They are unsung heroes of our country. But when things go wrong it is vital that we act.

Heroes. Sun language. But in her defence:

“That is why I sent in the independent children’s services, police and health inspectors to investigate the situation in Haringey. Their report was devastating and revealed serious failures in the management of Haringey children’s services. I believe that every community, every parent and every social worker would expect me to put the safety of children first. That is what I did – and faced with the same situation again I would have no hesitation in taking exactly the same decisions.”

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “The disgraced head of children’s services at Haringey Council has attacked the Government’s handling of the Baby P affair, accusing Ed Balls, the Children’s Secretary, of “breathtaking recklessness”.

Baby P – P is for Politics.

Baby P Grew Into A Feral Parasite Infesting Our Streets.


She said: “I was inundated to resign from people who didn’t know me, didn’t know anything about me.
“I was equally inundated by so many people asking me not to go, to be strong, how could they help me, please hang on in there, we know it’s difficult, we need you, don’t go.”

She added that to resign would have been the weakest thing to do because her staff needed her so much at that time..

Baby P – a chidl is killed and the media – group think – becomes the story…

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