Anorak News | T-Mobile Facebook Flashmob Closes Liverpool Street Station

T-Mobile Facebook Flashmob Closes Liverpool Street Station

by | 7th, February 2009

TO Liverpool Street Station, where the place is being overrun by Facebook dancers. It’s the big social network silent disco, in which people with no friends meet other people with no friends and pretend to be grooving to music in a disco.

The mob are copying an advert by German mobile phone corporation T-Mobile in which 400 actors were filmed dancing at the station on January 15. Next months, the cray-zees will be doing the Shake ‘n’ Vac ad and after that a tribute to Kwik Fit.

Geeks are upon us. Corporate geeks are upon us. Geeks who get turned on by corporate matters are upon us. Is this the future of the City of London? The geeks will inherit the Square Mile?

It is 7pm, Friday, and the mob are mobilised. Police to close the station for around 90 minutes due to “fears of overcrowding”.

Reports tell of participants who had travelled hundreds of miles to take part. One man removes his clothes. A ticket inspector fingers his puncher.

A City of London Police spokeswoman says:

“We had to close the station because it was completely overcrowded. There were around 12,000 people here. The event was generally good humoured but we had to act because people would not leave. We had to make a couple of arrests for public order offences, but on the whole it was a peaceful and fun event.”

Meanwhile, somewhere in a cave in Pakistan, a painfully thin man wonders if he can get the jihadis to perform the Renault Dancing car and thereby allow his men to gain access to the City and kill us all…

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