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Courteney Semel’s Ex-Yahoo CEO Daddy Dearest Reacts

by | 8th, February 2009

TERRY Semel is the man who quit his job as Yahoo’s CEO in 2007.

Terry has daughter called Courtenay. Old Mr Anorak always loves it when high flying Americans give their children’s names that translate into British as so utterly chavtastic.

Do they know?

Bill and Hillary daughter Chelsy being the epitome of this cultural nuance, trumping so many Sue’s and Kevin’s who give their children quintessentially British surnames as first names (Harrison, Maddox, Chorley-Wharburton).

Now news is that Terry has frozen Courtenay’s trust fund.

So Courteney does what any brattish wannabe does – she speaks to the papers and sets about kickstarting her own career as a jobbing celebrity. Who needs daddy?

She tells the New York Post:

“I don’t want to be known for all this craziness in my life.”

Gawker looks at her CV (Celebrity Vitae):

* Had a public dalliance with Lindsay Lohan, the actress’s first known same-sex relationship.
* Fought with ex Casey Johnson, who said Courtenay set fire to her hair, a claim she denies.
* Dated MySpace fameball Tila Tequila (they were last seen smooching in December).
* Told a security guard at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas to “just f—-ing Google me, you dumb f—-.”

No, we neither. Wasn’t Tila Tequila a backing singer for Black Lace? And Casey has one foot on the hotplate, a railroad icon put to popular music?

The security guard, we learn, is called Bill Jenks, and for him we are grateful…

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