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Bong And Best Forgotten: Chloe Madeley And Michael Phelps

by | 9th, February 2009

IT’S Chloe Madeley, daughter to Man at Channel Five, Richard Madeley, and his wife, Judy Finnegan. Is that a Michael Phelps drying out device in her hand?

The Mail has a picture of the delightful Chloe “inhaling from a bong”. The Mail says this is a “pipe used to smoke drugs”.

What drugs the Mail does not say, but let us now rule out powered HRT and aspirin.

Says Madeley:

“Both our kids are incredibly anti-drugs. They have friends that do them but they actively discourage it.”

Richard has proved time and time again how in tune with the kidz he is. And once more he looks to be grooving to trad jazz while the toughs get own with Dizzee Rascal.

Anorak recalls how Old Mr Anorak’s son Tiberius would pass his lit cigarettes and refers to whoever was closest by whenever his father or commander-in-chief entered the room. After 34 staff were dismissed for drug taking, OMA placed Tiberius as the head of his anti-drugs charity to keep him away from the sink of vice at Anorak Towers.

Says Judy:

“If one of our kids’ friends says to them, ‘Let’s do drugs’, they’ll actually shout at them.”

Do the kidz says “Lets’ do drugs”? Is taking drugs heralded by a clarion call? And how many friends do Chloe and Jack (for hire; call us) have. Or do you have to be on drugs to put up them shouting at you? What comes first, the friendship or the drugs? Discuss.

The Mail reminds readers that Richard and Judy have both claimed to have smoked cannabis, but with no picture evidence we have to take their word for it.

But, rest assured, they remain as hip as ever…

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