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Jade Goody’s Celebrity Cancer: The Reality Show Hissy Fit

by | 9th, February 2009

JADE GOODY’S Celebrity Cancer: The head, the bravery and the columnists…

DAILY MIRROR: “Jade Goody exclusive: Cancer-stricken star trying to heal rift between boyfriend and mum”

Jade Goody was forced to act as peacemaker only hours after life-saving surgery when her mum and her boyfriend got into a bust-up.

Row! Roll cameras.

The reality TV star, 27, played go-between from her hospital bed despite suffering from soaring temperatures and the after-effects of a five-hour operation to remove a golf ball-sized tumour from her bowel.

Once a reality TV star, always a reality TV star. So who took the most offence?

The bitter argument started when Jackiey Budden, 50, discovered no one was at her daughter’s bedside on Friday when she came round. She blamed Jade’s partner Jack Tweed, 21 – screaming at him in earshot of shocked hospital staff.

“Why the **** were there no cameras?! Wot the **** are you doing. You ***** g***y**g **** !!!?@!£!

Yesterday, rumours spread that Jack had dumped Jade after his Facebook entry was changed to read “Single”. But one of his pals insisted: “The status got changed by mistake. Once he realised he changed it back.”

Does Chelsy Davy know?

THE SUN: “Fan mail a big lift for Jade Goody”

JADE Goody was “absolutely lifted” by messages of support as she recovers from her latest cancer op.

She was moved to tears reading some of the hundreds of emails, said publicist Max Clifford. He added: “It was a tremendous lift for her.”

Jesus wept.

THE INDEPENDENT: “Jade’s story is now more about chemo-chic than her real suffering”

Of course, we feel sorry for Jade Goody. Having contrived to turn her life into a true-life story, and live as much as possible under the inspection of cameras, she has now found that the prospect of her death from a rapidly-spreading cancer will interest editors, and, in turn, readers.

(How many words is that, Ed?)

I don’t think we can learn anything from an experience which has to be mediated through the professional skills of a magazine reporter or a ghost writer. I wish Miss Goody well, but the public display of her illness is not directed at our common humanity or empathy, but at a public which will pay more to see a photograph of her chemo-bald scalp.

It’s the freak show. Can she go a beard?

MATTHEW NORMAN (Indy): “Vile Jade no more”

Whether any red-top will publicly acknowledge error, or even fault, over poor Jade Goody, on whom they rounded with such vindictiveness after the racism row on Celeb BB, we must wait and see. Jade’s terminal diagnosis has completed her metamorphosis from “vile”, which is the word The Sun reserves for such hated targets as Gary Glitter, to “brave”, which is the standard tabloidese for “doomed” regardless of whether they show courage or not. The competition for her deathbed exclusive will be ferocious, and if Jade wants absolution as well as money for the care of her sons, I’m sure a little historical revisionism of the Shilpa Shetty affair will be on offer as well.

A book. A film. A commemorative urn.

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