Anorak News | Jade Goody: Bag A Goody, Sue Carroll’s Tabloid Bingo And Australian Fires

Jade Goody: Bag A Goody, Sue Carroll’s Tabloid Bingo And Australian Fires

by | 10th, February 2009

JADE GOODY’S Celebrity Cancer: Tablid Bingo, Big Brother-Little Brother and a row

DAILY MIRROR: “Time to be thankful for what we’ve got”

We’ve got Jade? What else we got, Sue Carroll? Eyes down for today’s edition of Tabloid Bingo! (How many news stories can Sue pack into one column about our Jade?)

Even as I write this, the death toll in Australia’s Victoria and New South Wales is rising. At the last count it was 170.

In a nanosecond, lives were ripped apart by a wall of fire four storeys high which came out of a clear blue sky and engulfed its victims before they had time to even think. Entire families perished in cars.

One man, so badly burned his skin was hanging off, handed over his only surviving child to a stranger saying: “I’ve lost my wife, I’ve lost my other kid, I need you to save my daughter”…


And if those deadly bush fires Down Under don’t tell us anything about the fragility of life, we were reminded in Britain at the weekend how nature is a formidable force.

Among the victims of the Siberian weather unleashed on us in all its white fury was six-year-old Ben Newell, whose death in a frozen pond was described on national television by his friend, Josh Powell. Hesitatingly, the eight-year-old explained how, seeing Ben was in trouble, he held out a branch for him to grab.

“He got it,” whispered Josh, “but he let it go.” His devastation at the loss of his friend was palpable. I wept, I’m sure everyone watching did. God knows, it’s a lot for a child to deal with, but there was another reassuring message…


At times like this, as the recession creeps insidiously into every corner of our lives, real human tragedy should put all our worries into perspective.


That’s not to demean the problems faced by so many of us. In this climate of financial fear, we will still worry about the heating bill. All around us people cling on to jobs uncertainly. We all know of someone who has lost their income and may lose their homes


But how can the unfairness of a volatile market compare to the sudden loss of a loved one, taken away inexplicably as Coronation Street actor Bill Roache’s wife Sara was?

Tick! Ready…..

Life, as I’m certain Jade Goody with her frail body further ravaged by cancer would testify, is not fair.


In a recent interview Brad Pitt revealed how while researching for a role, he spent time in a hospice.


Real tragedy puts our worries into perspective


(Wot, no Our Maddie?!)

THE SUN: “Jade has care plan for sons”

A reality TV show in which wannabe mums move into Jade’s house in the hope of winning the little tykes and a writing contract with Bella magazine? Big Brother- Little Brother?

The desperately-ill star is sorting things out with lover Jack Tweed, 21, her mum Jackiey and the kids’ dad Jeff Brazier, 29.

Can Jeff present the show?

Jade’s PR Max Clifford said: “There was a blazing row. Jade tried to calm everything down, even though she was coming round from major surgery. Hopefully that’s settled down now.”

Thanks, Max. Action!

NOW: “Jade Goody: I need Jack more than ever now – The Big Brother star is planning her wedding”

Jade Goody is recovering from an emergency operation to remove a tumour from her bowel, but having boyfriend Jack Tweed back by her side is helping her keep her spirits up.

DIGITAL SPY: “Tweed breaking up with Jade Goody?”

“I really hope you’re not upsetting Jade at a time like this, Jack,” one person wrote. “That would be just pure evil.”

DAILY RECORD: Jade’s Ordeal

A reader writes

WHILE I wish Jade Goody all the best, I can’t help but sense that her PR people are using her illness to make more money from this sad situation.

My, how those sensors are attuned:

There are thousands of ordinary folk who deal with cancer, but just get on with it bravely and anonymously. Get well, Jade, but keep your personal life and treatment private, please – Derek Burns, Glasgow

And stay out of the papers!

SOUTHEND STANDARD: “Why brave Jade is an inspiration to every woman”

Sophie Edwards hears from a cancer survivor :

Mandie said she thought 27-year-old Jade’s decision to go on television was inspirational. She said: “She is not doing it for money. She’s doing it to raise awareness of the condition. Hopefully, it will encourage other people to get themselves checked.”

(See Jade Goody passim.)

“I think what she is doing is very brave. No one wants to have people see them after their hair has fallen out. It’s a very private time, you just want to be with your family.”

Her TV family…

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