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UFO Spotted Over Greece With Venus Rising

by | 10th, February 2009

IN the skies over Greece a UFO is attracting the attention of the pilot of a London–bound passenger plane.

“I see on my right, at approximately the same altitude, an unknown target flying from south to east. Altitude and heading are not stable. It is increasing speed. Headings are erratic.”

Odd stuff – most notably how amid all the pilot speak our man at the helm should not refer to the right as the starboard side?

While many will lament falling standards in piloting, a spokesman for Olympic airlines says he can “confirm” that his pilot did see something:

“Every October there are reports about the brightness of Venus and that what we think he saw.”

October? Clearly this story has been interesting the bigwigs in Roswell and can only now be released. And what of this pilot who may be unable to spot the difference between a planet and an aircraft?

To make some sense of it all the Sun calls upon Mike Cohen, a “UFO expert”, a man who can correctly identity a flying object as unidentified from some distance:

“It is hardly surprising that if aliens visit Earth they would take an interest in Greece, the cradle of Western civilisation.”

The aliens are on a package tour, a sightseeing trip, taking in the Parthenon, the Pyramids, Stone Henge and a West End matinee.

They then bring it right up to date by seeing where human civilisation is at now with a flyby over Bournemouth town Centre on a Friday night, where the humans are pointing at the big metal bird in the sky…

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