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Naked Salma Hayek Feeds The World, Double Handed

by | 10th, February 2009

SALAM Hayek bears herself. She is naked before us. Salma shows Bob Geldof how it’s done by feeding the world on her own – literally!

Bob never offered the world to suckle on his chest, only to dig deep into his pockets, their pockets and any pockets within touching distance.

Bob was ever reaching into pockets.

Salma reached into her breast pocket and pulled out the panacea – two of them:

This summer Wembley Stadium will stage Suckle Aid, the headline show in a campaign to raise enough cash to transport Angelina Jolie and scores of celebrity mums to Africa.

Breastfeed the Woorrrrrrld
Do they know it’s on TeeVee

(There’s no need to afraid – Madonna’s gone home.)

It really is Christmas time. Get in line..

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