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Alex Curran’s Top Five WAGs Credit Crunch Tips

by | 10th, February 2009

THE credit crunch is affecting Alex Gerrard, Wag to Stephen Gerrard, the slippery-footed Liverpool captain.
News is that Alex has cut down on her spending and only visits the hairdressers twice a week.

Says Alex:

“I think people – especially WAGs – are becoming more conscious of spending money now.”

And you can learn from them as Anorak brings you the Top Five WAG Credit Crunch Tips:


Ask yourself this, gurls: “Do I need a live-in hairdresser and junior on call 24-hours a day?” Tough times, gurls! Re-train the junior as a back-up floral arranger and get the newest maid to sweep up the cuttings. Win-win!

Skin care:

Shut the door on the in-house tanning salon and save money by spending time overseas. Tanning is so much cheaper in Dubai!


Texting. Stop it, gurls. Stop it right now! Do you what texting costs? Yeah, nails! Employ a textologist to write texts and save you those expensive trips to the nail technician. Or why not open a nail bar in a spare room and save the cost of a call to your nailologist?


Is it necessary to have every bag from every designer in every colour? Dur! If I had a pound for every time my bag didn’t match my shoes I could buy another bag. Think on.


WAGs are mad for it. Just last week a few Liverpool gurls WAGs went to a ball for the polar bears in Canada. And tomorrow, WAGS will be descending on Surrey for a champagne luncheon in aid of the San Bushmen of Namibia.

Alex Curran is prepared to face down the credit crunch. Are you?

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