Anorak News | Barack Obama Has Gerald Ford’s Poise And Bush’s Way With Words

Barack Obama Has Gerald Ford’s Poise And Bush’s Way With Words

by | 10th, February 2009

HERE’S Barack Obama treating Joe Biden as a fool:

MR. OBAMA: (Laughs.) You know, I don’t remember exactly what Joe was referring to, not surprisingly. (Laughter.) But let me try this out.

I think what Joe may have been suggesting, although I wouldn’t put numerical — I would ascribe any numerical percentage to any of this, is that given the magnitude of the challenges that we have, any single thing that we do is going to be part of the solution, not all of the solution….

So I don’t know whether Joe was referring to that, but I use that as a launching point to make a general point about these issues.

That is, of course, Obama being economical with the actualite. What Joe said was:

“If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, if we stand up there and we really make the tough decisions, there’s still a 30 percent chance we’re going to get it wrong.”

Obama adviser David Axelrod said on CNN:

“I don’t know exactly about what that math was.”

Neither does she.

Obama – four more years of gaffes.

When Gerald Ford got caught in a clumsy moment, it practically made Chevy Chase’s career on Saturday Night LiveTom Maguire wonders whether this moment will produce the same result now:

President Barack Obama waves and learns the door on Marine One is much shorter than he is, and bumps his head slightly, Monday, Feb 9, 2009 …

Back to that school for the gifted

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