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Alexandra’s Palace: Kissing Up To A Von Fuestenberg

by | 11th, February 2009

YOU know the “Miller Society Sisters”? Yeah, you do. You do. You dooooo. Yeah, them.

Well, Hello! is meeting with one of the “FAMOUS” sisters. She’s called Alexandra Von Fuestenberg, although she needs no introduction.

Alexandra is showing us around her “chic, art-filled LA home”. Alexandra, we learn, has a “love of collecting”. She collects anything: thimbles, labels off jam jars, toenail clippings – you name it, Alexandra collects it.

Alexandra is now separated from Alexandre, her husband of ten years. The marriage produced two children, Talita and Tassilo – both best known for inspiring a new range of Nissan hot hatchbacks.

Alexandra is now designer collections of her own:

“First of all: tables. Six different models, from big to small. But treating them as works of art, in limited editions. Numbered. Signed. Unique.”

She adds that she loves diamonds became they are “organic”.

Alexandra is a design tyro:

“Her commitment is extraordinary, from spending hours giving hundreds of kisses in order to come up with her logo – her own lips in gold – to putting the finishing touches to the piece of furniture. Control. Perfection.”

Alexandra is single…

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